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Baika Conference Stationed in a Branch of China Construction Bank in Jilin Province

China Construction Bank (China Construction Bank), formerly known as the People's Construction Bank of China established on October 1, 1954 (later officially renamed as China Construction Bank on March 26, 1996).

Guizhou Science and Technology Association Choosing Baika Meeting Hand-in-Hand System

Guizhou Science and Technology Association is a mass organization of scientific and technological workers in the province, a people's organization under the leadership of the Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee, a bridge and link between the party and the government to contact scientific and technological workers, and an important force to promote the development of science and technology.

The multi-functional conference room of Hangzhou city of the future adopts the video wireless conference system of Baika conference

Future Science and Technology New City is a term that carries dreams and intelligent technology. It is one of the four future science and technology cities in the country determined by the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It is Hangzhou's in-depth implementation of the national talent strategy, focusing on improving technological innovation capabilities, and accelerating economic transformation and upgrading. And specially built overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform, it is positioned as a special talent zone and a new science and technology city with full accumulation of scientific and technological resources, dynamic institutional mechanisms, convenient and high-quality public services, and highly active entrepreneurship and innovation.

Shenzhen Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building

Shenzhen Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building

Shaanxi Investment Building Podium Conference Room

Shaanxi Investment Building Podium Conference Room

State Taxation Bureau of Hanbin District, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province

Conference selection of KX-D71 wireless conference microphone series products, a drag four meetings, multiple overlay machine use without interference, cost-effective.

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