Baika BLS-450M full digital video discussion type entered the Swiss Executive Council Hall!


Switzerland is a highly developed country. Its per capita GDP has always been among the highest in the world, second only to Luxembourg and Norway in Europe. Switzerland also has one of the world's most stable economies. The long-term nature of its policies, the security of its financial system and the secrecy of its banks make Switzerland a safe haven for investors everywhere. Thanks to a well-developed financial industry, the service sector is also playing an increasingly important role in the Swiss economy.

Since the launch of BKR Baika conference products, with its leading scientific research technology, mature circuit design, humanized functional operation, novel product appearance, won the favor of the majority of users, best-selling at home and abroad.

The Baika Conference once again joined hands with Swiss Naike Co., Ltd. to create a new generation of intelligent modern conference venues. We are committed to improving internal communication and coordination capabilities and building modern communication bridges. Through full communication with the person in charge of the project and on-site investigation by the engineering team, combined with factors such as environment and actual demand, a set of comprehensive conference solution with Baika 450M video tracking conference control system as the core has been drawn up. Through mature and stable digital information processing technology, audio-visual synchronization has been realized, conference quality has been improved, and conference application environment has been optimized.

Baika 450M series conference control system is a set of efficient and practical, widely used in major key projects of the cable conference discussion system. This series of products adopts a new generation of digital audio processing technology, with seven conference speech modes suitable for various occasions. With 4-in 2-out high-definition pan-tilt camera, it supports 250 preset points to realize video and audio synchronization. The 450M conference control system host has a frequency shift feedback function, which effectively suppresses howling, expands volume, enhances pickup distance, and optimizes voice transmission quality. In this era of digital information, 450M series conference system keeps pace with the times. From the perspective of customers, considering practical application and humanized design, a set of PC linkage control operation software has been developed to realize integrated management.