Wireless Conference System Stationed in Enping City Key Development Project "Quanlin 6-Star Villa Hotel"


Wanmu Spring Forest Resort China Hot Spring Yangxin Resort is located in Enping City, Guangdong Province. It is a key development project in Guangdong Province and Enping City. The resort has a total land area of more than 10000 mu, 3000 mu of hot spring lake, 4000 mu of eco-tourism resort, Shuihetian hot spring, golf course, 10 theme hotels and large-scale paradise. It plans to invest billions of yuan to build a super large-scale ecological resort integrating ecological protection, tourism, leisure vacation, star hotels, ecological parks, yachts, hot springs and real estate, It is the largest tourism resort center in western Guangdong.


6-star spring forest hotel-to the world resort hotel as a model, to create a luxury villa-style resort hotel. It is understood that the Quanlin Hotel, which covers 10,000 mu of mountain lakes and is surrounded by green mountains and clear water, covers an area of more than 200 mu and has more than 6000 square meters of garden-like lobbies with complete functions and facilities. It has also built a series of large, medium and small conference venues such as Jingyi Conference Center, Quanlin Conference Center, Quanlin Conference Room, Quanlin Paradise No.1 Conference Hall and Quanlin Paradise No.2 Hall respectively. To create luxury all-round conference facilities with six-star standards. In order to cooperate with the development direction of the project, we should create supporting meeting places, realize efficient communication, ensure the quality of the meeting, ensure the smooth progress of important meeting exchange activities, and create a relaxed and convenient meeting environment. Through the analysis of its functional requirements and the environmental characteristics of the conference venue, Lauter's conference engineering team respectively worked out a conference engineering implementation plan with WCS-20M digital video conference discussion system as the core and Lauter's BU-840 wireless conference microphone as the core, to manage the conference process, control the on-site order, and realize the synchronization of conference audio and video.

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WCS-20M digital video wireless conference system is a forward-looking, high-performance and multi-functional product. Using digital audio control and processing technology; The transmission signal is more stable, the transmission rate is higher, the application range is wider, and the lithium battery with large capacity has no worries about low power. It integrates video tracking, central control connection, Chinese/English language switching, multiple speech modes, anti-mobile phone interference, anti-howling and other functions, at the same time, this series of products is very forward-looking, through different collocation to achieve multimedia conference system upgrade. It is the best choice for conference products. The appearance style design of Bie Tree is more distinguished with luxurious conference scenes. It is oriented to the different needs of different people, different groups and different countries and is committed to making the most powerful contribution to the hotel conference leasing business. Since its launch, the product has achieved its stable overall performance. Excellent performance; Humanized functional design; the novel and unique appearance of strong sense of science and technology has won the favor of merchants, won the praise of the industry, and is widely used in key engineering projects at home and abroad.